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  • What To Wear When It’s Cold: The Beanie

    A beanie, also known as a skull cap, is a close-fitting head covering that is typically worn in cold weather. Beanies are often made from wool, cashmere, or acrylic. While a beanie is not typically worn in the summer, there are a few instances where it might be appropriate. I knew I was being stu...
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  • Caps are always the good choice for fashion

    The secret to an effortless off-duty look? A baseball cap. As a wardrobe must-have, it’s the lazy day solution when you can’t be bothered to do your hair or makeup but still want to look put together. The simple accessory adds an instant cool factor to a look as simple as a sports bra(opens in ne...
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  • You need to stock winter hat now

    You need to stock winter hat now

    Hats are one of life’s greatest pleasures, both for fashion and functional reasons. As far as winter hats go, function should (probably) come first: You want something that will protect your head and fragile ears from freezing over on your walk to the car. The most basic ones do that simply...
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  • How do I wash a knit cap

    Abstract: dirty knitted caps need to be cleaned, generally suggest that hand washing, in plastic containers loading can submerged cap the amount of water, and pour suitable amount of mild detergent, then knitted cap into it for half an hour, remove rinse with cold water, then drain the water, wil...
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    WHAT ARE THE BASIC STITCHES IN KNITTING? All of knitting is based on two simple stitches, the knit stitch and the purl stitch. Everything else is a combination or variation of those two stitches. The knit stitch is made by creating a loop in the back of your work. The purl stitch is made by creat...
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  • Who invented the knit hat

    Who invented the knit hat

    Legend has it that in the middle of winter, the Yellow Emperor sent Hu Cao and Yu Ze to hunt into the mountains. At that time the weather was particularly cold, hunters waist skin, bare feet in the mountains and forests. When they returned with a full load, the temperature fell, more than 20 of H...
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  • How the knit caps to be cleaned and maintained

    How the knit caps to be cleaned and maintained Absolutely do not wear a knit cap in the rain, the moisture will damage the qualitative material, and damage the cap type, and do not let the hat come into contact with oily substances. Prepare a hard box for a storage knit cap. Put a desiccant in...
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  • Take a look at our products

    Right here, welcome to Youtube and see ityoutu.be/fWom3itBXPA ; youtu.be/jkDEfzKuFSg Knitted Hats        
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  • How many of the 10 most famous Disney characters ever known, do you know?

    How many of the 10 most famous Disney characters ever known, do you know?

    10. Princess Rapunzel Good and cheerful lee is vicious selfish witch ge duo tower in the forest, the only one with her company is a chameleon named pascal, her golden hair has a powerful power, but also brought a heavy crisis for her, then Eugene into changed her fate, Eugene led her to find the...
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  • How to Wear a Beanie

    Let’s see how knit hats are more attractive 1. The Standard This method is the most effective for keeping you warm. Simply wear the beanie without cuffing it, so that it covers your ears. The front should rest just above your eyebrows. 2. The Single Cuff This one is great for bad hair day...
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  • The World’s Most Expensive Beanie

    Tuques and musk ox are relics. The tuque—the Canadian word for winter beanie—traces its linguistic roots to at least the 18th-century, but the warm cap’s origins go back much further, potentially to ancient Greece. Meanwhile, the musk ox, a sheep relative from the Arctic tundra, looks about the s...
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  • Guernsey knit more than 1,500 items for Ukraine

    More than 1,500 handmade knitted items have been donated to an appeal to aid newborn Ukrainian babies. The Newborn Baby Hats Appeal launched in March, and said the islands response had been “mind blowing”. Islanders have knitted items such as baby hats, blankets, vests and com...
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